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Year 11 parent, 2023

June 2023

Thank you to you all at HG2utoring for going out of your way to take our son on.

We decided quite last minute to give our son a couple of months of English tuition so to give him some extra support, knowledge and confidence. Will has the capability of getting a grade 4 in English that he needs for college, but under exam conditions he can panic and not use the correct amount of time for each question and has always wrote (in every subject, in every year of school) as little as possible. We were advised to contact HG2utoring by a family member that works in education and has just had her two daughters go through their exams, as they had heard good reports from people that have used them. We contacted HG2utoring and were told that as it was now so close to the exams all their tutors were very full but they would speak to them all and see what they could do, as they don't like to leave any child without the help they need. They came back to us and said they had a tutor that had said she would squeeze Will in as again she didn't want him to go without extra help. Jackie wasn't always available the same time every week as she truly was just squeezing him in whenever she had free time which was very generous of her. Jackie was great and Will said she just made it clearer as to what he needed to do giving him more confidence. Will said he feels his exams went well and that he should definitely get a grade 4. Although Will could have just retaken his English at college and not miss out on his course, we really didn't want him to have to. We want him to go to college and fully enjoy the experience and be able to put all the years of not liking English behind him.

Thank you to you all at HG2utoring for going out of your way to take him on and I'll let you know how he gets on like you've kindly asked me to.

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