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Are you interested in joining the HG2utoring team?

  • Are you a qualified  primary or secondary teacher?

  • Passionate to make a difference?

  • Looking for new, flexible tutoring hours to work around your commitments?

It is an exciting time at HG2utoring and due to high levels of requests from families, we are in search of new tutors to join our wonderful team. Read on to find out more...

What is it like to work as a HG2utoring Tutor?

It great to work with Faye and Jess as it avoids the time consuming job of finding work myself and they are very supportive. (October 2022)


I have had a very positive experience working with HG2utoring to date. Faye and Jess are always positive, proactive and communicative (without over-doing it), which is great. Everything feels organised and professional, which I'm sure adds to a positive experience for both tutors and families. A simple invoicing process and not having to chase payments etc. is also bonus from my side! (October, 2022)


Fantastic experience, so pleased I joined the team! (October, 2022)

I thoroughly enjoy working with HG2utoring. The families I have been partnered with are perfect and I have built some lovely relationships with them. I am also very grateful for the help and support that Faye and Jess have given me over the last several months on a more personal basis. It's lovely to know that they always respond  so quickly when you need an answer to something. (October, 2022) 


I have been tutoring for HG2utoring for 6 months now and it's been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I love the flexibility and creativity that tutoring brings, whilst still being able to capture those light bulb moments and watching a child flourish. Faye and Jess are amazing to work for, who always put the needs of their tutors and families at the heart of what they do. They have allowed me to do as little or as much tutoring as I like and this has been great in terms of working around my family and my other projects. Communication is key and Jess and Faye always keep me informed of any changes, as well as checking in to see how we are all getting on. I would highly recommend choosing HG2utoring, whether it's to support your own children, looking for a career change or a new challenge. (March 2022)

Working with HG2utoring is everything you could hope for when working with a tutoring company. Faye and Jess make everything very easy and straight forward. They are very welcoming and are always there to help if the tutors need you, for whatever reason. Communication is excellent. (March 2022)

Incredibly understanding, approachable and caring. Excellent working relationships and support available. (March 2022)

The process to join is really easy and the work comes quickly! They do their best to make everything work as best as it can for you and the clients in terms of times, days, place etc. (March 2022)

I absolutely love working for HG2utoring as it's provided so much flexibility and freedom that I was craving to continue working in education. The system works well with matching tutors with students, and I have always felt incredibly supported where any issues have arisen. (March 2022)

I have always felt extremely well supported. Jess and Faye go the extra mile for their tutors. Organisation and communication is excellent. (March 2022)

Jess and Faye are very supportive and are on hand to help at any given moment. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work for them! It has been amazing to see my pupils progress over time. It is also extremely rewarding to see the difference in pupil confidence and understanding of the subject between sessions. (March 2022)

I have had a great experience with HG2utoring. Communication has always been great and I've had excellent support finding new tutees. (March 2022)


We're always looking for outstanding, freelance tutors and teachers to join our team. To find out more, please send your details and a short message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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