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Senior Leader, Harrogate Secondary School, 2023

May 2023

HG2utoring are amazing! The team's expertise in understanding barriers and supporting many vulnerable students to engage in learning and achieve success has had real impact in our school.

Faye, Jess and their staff are extremely professional and have adapted to working in our setting seamlessly. The relationships they have cultivated with both students and other staff is exceptional. Their specialist knowledge and skill as primary practitioners has been invaluable to us as we strive to enable students to overcome barriers in whatever area needed so they can fully engage and benefit from the secondary curriculum. The support provided by HG2utoring has helped many students just to walk through the doors, knowing there is a trusted and caring member of staff who can deliver the intervention required. The students they have worked with have benefitted from increased attendance, measurable academic progress and significantly boosted their self-esteem. I would strongly recommend HG2utoring service to any school setting.

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