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I cannot believe my son and daughter are both happy about doing an extra hour of maths a week - this is down to the way Jamie and Christie engage with them!
Year 6 & 9 parent (January 2022)

Our child loves her sessions - I can already see her confidence has been boosted! Thank you for the excellent service.
Year 7 parent (January 2022)

I wish someone had told me about HG2utoring sooner. I now have a very happy girl, who is capable of meeting the maths challenges for her age group. 
I wouldn't look further, their professional yet extremely fun approach is fantastic. I honestly couldn't be happier.

Year 4 parent (January 2022)

I couldn't rate HG2utoring high enough. They are amazing. They have changed my child's perspective about maths and is now so confident - it is one of their favourite subjects!
Year 5 parent (January 2022)

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We recently hired HG2utoring to help our twin 6 year olds strengthen their reading skills and build some confidence. Already we have seen a huge difference in our kids reading ability and we're only 6 weeks in. I think the lessons are reasonably priced and after each session the teacher sends along a lesson summary, highlighting what they worked on and how it went. Katie has been amazing and really dedicated to supporting each of our kids in their own way. They play reading games and each night the kids are excited to see Katie. I highly recommend getting lessons if you're looking for your kids to get a little extra help.
Year 2 parent (November 2021)

Faye is an absolutely awesome tutor. My daughter is about to start secondary school and with all that's been missed due to COVID, she was a little nervous and wanted to get fully prepped and up-to-speed ready for big school. Faye has absolutely 100% done that. She makes all her sessions super fun. My daughter has got so much from them and loves every second. I cannot thank Faye enough for the support she's given us through the summer holidays. 

Year 6 parent (August 2021)

HG2utoring have been truly amazing helping my daughter throughout the summer holidays. 

Right from the start, her tutor was nothing but fantastic. My daughter really took to her and we cannot thank her enough. 

Anyone needing extra help, we can't recommend HG2utoring enough. 

Year 4 parent (August 2021)

Amazing. I asked for help with my 8 year old and HG2utoring have been great with him. He loves it and doesn't moan about spending an hour working. It's learning and he doesn't even realise. He thinks it's fun and they really engage with him and all of the things he likes. Have recommended to our friends at school!

Year 3 parent (August 2021)

I truly cannot praise Faye highly enough for the ongoing help and support she gives my daughter with her maths. 

In a very short time, she has gone from a child who disliked maths and who would often disengage to a confident and happy maths superstar. She really looks forward to her weekly lessons. 

Faye effortlessly manages to engage and get the best out of her. She has a lovely manner with my daughter and is always positive, encouraging and fun. 

A credit to her profession! 

My daughter says, 'Faye makes me feel really comfortable with my maths as she does it step by step and when I get something wrong, she helps me to understand. She's the best teacher and is very kind.'

Year 4 parent (February 2021)

I can't recommend HG2utoring enough. Jess is brilliant, my daughter really looks forward to her lessons. Her confidence has improved so much, she now enjoys maths and her grades are improving at school. An hour a week has had such a positive impact on my daughter's outlook on subjects she had struggled with prior to Jess' help.

Year 4 Parent (December 2020)

Faye has been absolutely fantastic! Our son loves learning but like many kids can be a bit lazy and won’t listen to Mum & Dad. Faye brought the very best out of him and he thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, while learning a lot! We can’t thank HG2utoring enough!
Year 6 Parent (September 2020)

Jess has been tutoring my little boy for about 4 months now. His confidence across all aspects of Maths and English has greatly improved, to the point that his school teacher has noticed. 

He actually looks forward to his sessions and for us, it really is money well spent!

Year 2 Parent (December 2020)

I feel so lucky to have found Jess to tutor my children after missing so much school during lockdown. She has boosted their confidence in both Maths and English, changing their 'bare minimum' attitude to a 'can do' one. Jess is highly qualified, super professional and ultra engaging. They absolutely love their lessons.

Year 6 Parent (December 2020)

My 9 year old daughter totally lacked confidence in maths but her tutor quickly pinpointed the issue and has really built up her confidence and abilities. She looks forward to her weekly lesson and is always made to feel like she's doing well. Our daughter now loves maths (especially geometry!) and I would highly recommend HG2utoring. Her tutor is lovely and she's doing a brilliant job!

Year 4/5 Parent (August 2020)

My daughter really struggled to connect with tutors we had already tried, but HG2utoring made her feel totally at ease and she responded really well to their way of teaching. Her confidence and grades really improved in maths. Would highly recommend their services!

Year 5/6 Parent (August 2020)

I can’t recommend HG2utoring enough. They are patient and kind, and gave my son the confidence he needed. The sessions were fun and engaging, and their knowledge of the curriculum meant that the time really complemented his schoolwork.

Year 4/5 Parent (August 2020)

Our 10 year old daughter has benefitted enormously from her tutoring and has really gained in confidence with both Maths and English. Her tutor puts her at ease, making the lessons fun and straightforward with her creative teaching methodologies. Her professional and organised approach enables the sessions to be tailored to our daughter, recapping and challenging where needed to ensure a depth of understanding is achieved. We would not hesitate to recommend HG2utoring to anyone looking for a tutor.

Year 5/6 Parent (August 2020)

Faye tutored my Year 6 daughter for a year, really boosting her confidence and supporting her to get good results in SATs. She provided a very effective balance of support and challenge. My daughter says,  “Faye was great, she was fun and worked things through. She gave stickers too”.

Year 6 Parent (August 2019)

Faye tutored my son in Years 5 and 6 in Maths. She really increased his confidence and knowledge. Her lessons were varied and personalised to our son which meant that his SATs scores were higher than expected. Her lessons were fun and our son always enjoyed them and never complained once. Faye was always punctual and prepared, I would highly recommend her. 
Year 5/6 Parent (August 2019)

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